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The Murderess Papadiamantis Ebook Download

Given the stature of its author, this book became the first one published after the dawning of the 20th century, and a harbinger of modern Greek literature. It is a classic of the ” mysterios” genre: an interesting blend of the modernist drive for literature to be “psychologically accurate” and the stern, unflinching “Thucydides of the soul” that old-fashioned Greek doctors, priests, sophists, and philosophers found so enticing in the days when street crime was simply “forbidden”, the “kingly crime”. It is the decade of the protagonists, the 20s, a time of a pluralist awakening in western societies that still echoes on the heights of literature and life, and of the bitter resolve of people living in an illusion, full of “all the malice and vanity of life itself”. It is a truly modern story played out in an age of rapid economic, societal, and cultural change. Very few Greek novels are still published in print: this is one of them. The Murderess itself stayed out of print until very recently, although some remainders had been found in Greek second-hand bookstores.

The Murderess is a novel of childhood and peasant culture. Its protagonist is a nameless old woman in poverty stricken rural Greece. Her name is not revealed until the novel ends, leaving us to wonder whether she went by Hadoula, or whether she was indeed old as her name suggests. In any case, something of the old woman in her is revealed by her change in appearance, from old crone to matron with abundant gray hairs and a seture, and a new color in her eyes. She has a quintessentially Greek name, one that rings a bell in any Greek or western reader’s ears. Papadiamantis, a well-known name in literary history, was a scholar and literary critic of the era and this change in Hadoula’s appearance is thus a true correlation between this name and the character. It all becomes clear when the old woman tells some of her story to the reader. This person, this Hadoula, is a poor, old woman in the mountains who seems to control her destiny even though she is vulnerable, in constant need, and very much a social outcast.



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