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What to do if you want to transfer money from a Swiss bank account and you don’t have an account at the same bank?

Yesterday I was moving money to a bank account I have in Switzerland and the bank account was not affiliated with this Swiss bank. Now the bank’s answer says the check will be converted into Swiss francs and it will be sent to the new bank account.
What would I need to do if I want to transfer money from this account into an account at my Swiss bank?


Contact the bank where the money is, ask for a transfer card (German term for a plastic payment card) that is accepted in the Swiss bank’s ATMs, and is not connected to an account there. There are such cards, which take no account or balance, or just a pin number, from any bank.


Here is a flow chart of how the transfer usually happens. This is from a bank account transfer and not from a bank of savings account.


I agree with @SamSaffran, that first thing you need to do is to contact your bank. Even when they won’t let you link the account (since you’re not an account holder), they will typically have an ATM that will allow you to make a credit transaction to your new bank’s account number.
If they refuse the transfer, either try at another Swiss bank, or try other methods, such as:

Direct deposit
This is the way I suggest to my clients. You can request the direct deposit of EUR on a Swiss bank account that supports direct deposit. The transfer must arrive in your bank’s account within a day or two. Some accounts impose a minimum amount and limit the amount per day. Be careful, as the direct deposit might get cut if it isn’t enough.
Withdrawal from a Swiss bank
Again, be careful and always know how



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