Windstruck Movie English Subtitle Download For Korean

Seventeen years after her father’s mysterious disappearance, Yeo Mi-ran and her mother struggle to keep her family afloat on the island where they live with all the other Uhmists. This delightful vision of the Korean countryside comes alive in beautifully gloomy paintings by artist Jung-se Mun, while musician Lee Jonghyun comments on the insular nature of the rural community.

Yoo Da-bin is a first-year art student at Seoul National University who lives and breathes Korean pop culture in all its glory (and ugliness). She falls for Rain, a musician with a history of being outwardly rude, but who makes a lot of sense to her. Rain, however, doesn’t want to feel anything for Da-bin, so he pretends not to care for her. Da-bin attends Rain’s concert, falls asleep in the front row, and then runs away to Germany. She’s off to Berlin to follow her dreams of becoming a successful artist, and she’s willing to swap friendship for love with Rain if it comes to it.

Lee Na-ri is an aspiring singer living a comfortable (albeit overly busy) life. When her old frenemy Yoo Hye-rim discovers that Na-ri is poor, she decides to help her out by becoming her manager.



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