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IAmA says that its latest global study – delving into the cultural dynamics of atheists – reports that atheists are much more likely to be single, an original and very rare thought in a community largely comprised of the lonely.

“The main finding we want to make clear is that we are a diverse group of people of all different nationalities, cultures, genders and sexualities,” says IAmA’s communications manager, Susie Meicke, of the findings, published today (Monday 4 March).

The global report, based on a survey of over 18,000 atheists, is the most extensive study of atheists to date, and is said to have broken fresh ground in the field by not just outlining the beliefs of atheists, but also the nuances of who these atheists are.

The report reveals that those with “belief without belief” (3%) are the most likely to be single, and that they are less likely to identify as gender binary (25% women vs. 37% men) or heterosexual (70% vs. 75%).

The IAmA survey also reveals that atheists are as likely to be practising as many a catholic (67%) and protestant (70%), while they are slightly less likely to say they are an atheist (68%) than they are to say that they are an agnostic (72%).

And while the religious beliefs of atheists tend to have certain commonalities, such as no belief in God, their views on certain other issues tend to vary considerably, and there can be a lot of variation on how these view are expressed.

“It would be easy to think that being an atheist would be about having no beliefs, however, I think there are a lot of different ways to be an atheist,” says the study’s author and Managing Director of IAmA, Emily Spivack.

Spivack believes the report will be a valuable resource for other groups around the world that may be interested in the findings, especially in the more sociological aspects of their community.

With this in mind the study also has some advice for the faithful, while atheists themselves may be surprised by some of the other findings.

I am a 24 year old single



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